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Hey guys! I’m starting a huge Master Yi art project kinda like a comic but there’s going to be a video version with narration, sound effects, and awesome special effects! I’ll need some help from kind volunteers to make this happen, though…  

Voice acting! Yes I’m looking for voice acting volunteers again, but this time for League characters. The storyboard is going to be a raging battle between Yi’s demons of the past and taking it to the heart of Noxus… Therefore I’ll be needing these characters to be voice acted to the closest possible!

1. Master Yi
2. Swain
3. Warwick
4. Singed

I might update with more as I draw out the storyboard. 

(Scylliss, permission to add you? <3 Think you can voice act too :B?)

Just drop me an ask for more info!

So I mentioned that Master Yi, Swain, Warwick and Singed would be in the cast of needed voice acting… As I have been writing the script, here is the new list of characters I need! (Subject to change at any point)

1. Master Yi
2. Swain
3. Warwick
4. Singed Currently removed
5. Katarina
6. Scylliss / Madame-S (Inconsequentia)
. Talon
8. Mordekaiser

Go ahead and message me if you would like one of these parts! Thanks guys!

Hey Master Yi, it’s been a while. Haven’t heard much from you, so I just decided to send you a letter. Happy New Years! I hope I get to hear from you more with this new year coming ahead of us… and maybe you’d stop isolating yourself inside of the Wuju Temple. It’s not healthy, you know.

I don’t really have anything else to say… just don’t kill me. I swear I’m still on Ionia’s side. Wink wink!

Here’s a new year’s resolution for you: Get out and start talking to us more! Answer more of our questions. We demand to know what’s going on with the Master, haha. Again, Happy New Years and have a great rest of the night! 

~ Veperine


Ahhh… Master is exhausted. But perhaps the back-stabbing red flippy magic girl is correct. Keeping quiet is only going to drive me insane and senile!

It’s time to come back out.

Happy New Years, everyone! Except you rotten Noxians.

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